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The attorneys of The Coleman Law Firm have a diverse set of skills and a wealth of experience in business, industry, and the design professions. From transactional matters to litigation, we’ve learned what works best to help our clients handle disputes and build profitable relationships.

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Donald G. Clapp

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Donald G. Clapp has been practicing law since 1977, focusing on civil litigation matters, trials and appeals.
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Jeffrey W. Coleman, PE, FACI

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Jeffrey W. Coleman is a licensed structural engineer who has served as corporate counsel to an architectural, engineering, interior design and construction firm. An authority on concrete construction law, he is the author of Legal Issues in Concrete Construction (1st and 2nd eds., 2014, CAM Publishing).
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Lars C. Erickson

Direct: (612) 877-8207
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Lars C. Erickson has practiced law since 1996, representing general contractors, subcontractors, developers, architects and engineers in a myriad of cases involving complex legal issues.
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Michael P. Katz

Direct: (612) 877-8204
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Michael P. Katz has served as corporate counsel for an architectural, engineering, interior design and construction firm as well as deputy general counsel to a division of the nation’s largest heavy/highway contractor.
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Benjamin J. Kirk

Direct: (612) 877-8217
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Ben Kirk’s practice is focused on construction and real estate, with particular focus on construction defect litigation. Ben represents general contractors, subcontractors, developers, architects and engineers in transactional matters and litigation. He also has extensive experience representing homeowners’ associations in transactional matters and litigation.
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Devin J. Murphy

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John Trout

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John Trout led a concrete repair construction company before becoming an attorney, giving him firsthand experience as both a contractor and a subcontractor.
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Vikki Glosser

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Office manager Vikki Glosser has worked with law firms since 1980, first as a legal assistant and then as office manager. She began working with William D. Hull in 1981 and with Jeffrey W. Coleman in 1991. She draws on her expertise and experience to keep the firm operating efficiently and to support all the attorneys.

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Fluency with engineering and construction related practices, Jeff’s background as an engineer and an attorney results in fluency with engineering and constructed related practices. He has a exte… Read More
– Nels Ojard, President, CEO, Krech & Ojard

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