What Our Clients Are Saying

Jeff was our attorney on a huge arbitration with a railroad in Kentucky. He did a great job. Not only did the firm exceed my expectations, but they were a pleasure to work with. There is no better firm to work with if you are dealing with concrete and street pavement-related issues. Their experience and knowledge can’t be matched; they are professional concrete engineers arguing a concrete-related case. I can’t say enough about what a great experience it was working with Coleman & Erickson.

– Martin Savko, Senior Chairman, Nickolas Savko & Sons, Inc.
Coleman & Erickson – the experts in construction and engineering law.
– Andy Kim, VP, EVS, Inc.
As a registered engineer, Jeff understands the technical aspects of our business and uses his technical knowledge to provide appropriate legal advice. I don’t need to explain engineering to him – he understands what we do.
– Keith Jacobson, President , VAA
Jeff is very smart about engineering issues.
– Mike Albertson, President, Albertson Engineering, Inc.
The value Jeff brings to the table is the fact that he understands the engineering side of things. He has so much expertise in concrete and structures as an engineer, but also has legal expertise as an attorney. Jeff is also super easy to work with and very personable.
– Bob Thompson, Principal , Savko

Coleman & Erickson has significant experience in concrete as well as the construction industry overall.

– Martin Cole, Claims Officer , Liberty Insurance

Coleman & Erickson knows our industry. Working with them is easy as I don’t have to educate them about our industry.

– Dave Suchorski , Ashgrove
Jeff is easy to work with and is accessible. The firm excels at understanding the construction process.
– Daniel Larson, CEO, AET
Jeff is a good source of advice and a tremendous resource.
– Jim Fitzhugh, Principal , RSP

Fluency with engineering and construction related practices, Jeff's background as an engineer and an attorney results in fluency with engineering and constructed related practices. He has a extensive expertise in our practice, not just the legal issues but also the nuts and bolts in our business. We trust Coleman & Erickson and are very happy with the level of support we received.

– Nels Ojard, President, CEO, Krech & Ojard
The Risk Management sessions Jeff does for us are so helpful.
– Clare Tande, General Counsel , HGA