Concrete Construction

Marina Complex, Florida

Our client is an international designer, manufacturer, and installer of marina facilities. We act as their national litigation counsel and general counsel. We have handled cases, in and out of litigation, including a multimillion-dollar claim arising out of damage to a marina after construction. Damage was due in part to faulty construction of the sea walls, work that was not performed by our client. There were allegations—ultimately unproven—of underdesign or inappropriate design. Through a mediation process with an experienced construction mediator, we were able to obtain a positive outcome in a matter that could have been extremely expensive if it had proceeded to trial.

University Stadium

Mr. Coleman represented a national architect/engineer in defense of a $20 million claim by a major university against the designer (our client) and contractor arising out of the tear-out and replacement of the concrete concourse diaphragm slab for the football stadium and other defects in concrete construction. Claims included alleged errors in design of lateral load system and numerous defects in concrete construction and design. The case was settled in mediation.

Great Lakes Aquarium, Duluth, MN

Mr. Coleman was lead counsel in an eight-week jury trial defending a $4.2 million claim by the owner against the design team, arising out of construction of concrete tanks for the Great Lakes Aquarium. The client was the structural engineer and “target” defendant. Allegations included errors and omissions, repair costs and delays, and lost revenues. After an eight-week jury trial, jury verdict found the design team not negligent and awarded zero dollars to plaintiff against the design team.

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