Newly Implemented COVID-19 Paid Leave/FMLA Effective April 1st

Last week Congress passed the new COVID-19 paid leave law. The law creates two new types of leave: (1) Public Health Emergency Leave (“Emergency FMLA”) and (2) Emergency Paid Sick Leave (“Emergency PSL”). On March 25, 2020, the Department of… Read More
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Force Majeure, COVID-19, Stay at Home Orders … Let’s take a deep breath and “talk it over”

My grandfather used to sit me on his lap and say, “let’s talk it over,” then I had no clue what he wanted to “talk over,” but today we are bombarded with issues. Force Majeure There is tremendous discussion right now on so-called “force m… Read More
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Jeff is a good source of advice and a tremendous resource. Read More
– Jim Fitzhugh, Principal , RSP

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