Highlights from Previous Roundtables

Understanding and Navigating the Business Immigration Process—The H-1B Visa

Recommendations for securing H-1B Visa approval. Enabling American companies to employ foreign workers in "specialty occupations" which require highly qualified and skilled employees.. Read More
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The Go/NoGo Process: Risk Analysis of Client, Project and Team

Projects are the lifeblood of A/E business. But the marketing resources required to secure a project can be significant. From a management perspective it’s a balancing act: Is pursuing this project a worthwhile investment? Are the project and clien… Read More
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Lobbying, PACs and Contributions: What A/E Execs Need to Know

Legislation and public policy are crucial factors in the lives of architects and engineers. So. . . A/E professionals need to know how individuals, companies and professional organizations can ethically influence public policy and law. and A/E execu… Read More
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A Proactive Approach to Claims

No one wants to have a claim filed against them. So you need to know how to recognize an incident that could become a claim, and how to manage the incident before it progresses to litigation. Then you need to share lessons learned with your staff. Read More
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How Architecture and Engineering Firms Can Communicate Financial and Performance Data to Inform and Motivate, presented by Tom Losey and Greg Anderson

November, 2017   Use of Financial and Performance Data. How to decide who to communicate and share sensitive financial data with. Think about who might have a “right” to this information. Externally Internally Financial Data vs. Performa… Read More
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Sustainable Materials: Innovation, Transparency, and Risk, presented by Rick Carter and Becky Alexander, architects, LHB Inc.

Documenting materials decisions helps prevent confusion and provides protection in the case of future conflict. Team members with less experience may need guidance on when and how to document decisions – this isn’t something that’s taught in sc… Read More
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“Employment Law Blitz!”

Parker and Conway conveyed participants on a whirlwind tour of current and soon-to-be-enacted employment law. Here are a few of their key points, as well as sources of further information. Note that this is not a comprehensive summary of the law, and… Read More
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Client Comments

Jon simply makes things super easy when it comes to our legal issues. Read More
– Scott Jensen, President , MCI Paint and Drywall, Inc.

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